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Yoke in the instrumentation industry

Yoke 2013 flagship product: an analytical balance, precision balance, visible spectrophotometer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, double beam UV spectrophotometer, scanning UV spectrophotometer, digital pH meter, conductivity meter and biological microscopes and other instrumentsdevices.

Instrumentation industry, high-tech, high input, high output, low energy consumption, will be characterized by the rise of the instrumentation needs to drive in the low carbon economy and development of emerging industries. Domestic instrumentation industry has been used in traditional services market, such as metallurgy, thermal power and other industries. With the changing market demands, more and more new industries began to rise, the rapid development of things, smart grid and other new technologies. State energy utilization, environmental protection, more stringent requirements. It would also provide for the instrumentation industry in China a broad market space for development and the new direction of development.

The electronics industry analysts believe that with the economic development and social progress, the user instrumentation demand pattern also occurred great changes. Environmental protection industry, for example, the artificial sample and experimental analysis of forward automation, intelligent, network monitoring and direction. Vigorously develop the equipment automation to enhance the overall level of the equipment manufacturing industry. The instrumentation is the key to enhance the level of equipment manufacturing, domestic instrument should focus on the automotive equipment, new energy equipment, energy saving and environmental protection equipment and the direction of the development of equipment automation. Yoke equipment can be described as catch up with market demand, and vigorously develop their own brand instruments.

Yoke instrumentation company specializing in instrumentation equipment business, we integrate production, sales and service as a whole, since 2007, so far, we have professional R & D, production and market advantages, occupy a certain share of the market. In the instrumentation industry, we are also considered to grow faster enterprise, I hope we do better, according to industry conditions, combined with the market demand for products and services to do to get their own unique brand image.