Perfect Instrument Series Since 2014


  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer UV1700

    Adopting128 * 64 digit dot matrix liquid crystal display, can directly display standard curve and test data that can be stored by the host, and with an optional printer.
  • Double beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

    The newly designed excellent optical system , high-performance holographic blazed grating, to ensure the instrument of low stray light.
  • Precision PH Meter

    Large screen LCD display, Blue back light Controllable,undervoltage prompt and automatic power off can extend battery life.
  • Moisture Analyzer

    The supper high resolution back window matrix liquid crystal display (LCD),marking it easier to operate in the dark place, and the user will have more comfortable vision.
  • V1800 VIS Spectrophotometer

    he host can independently accomplish photometric measurement and quantitative measurement,spectral scanning, dynamics,DNA/protein test,wavelength testing and data printing function,ect.
  • Conductivity Meter DDS-307A

    I. Large screen and LCD segmented display. II. It functions as automatic and manual temperature compensation.