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  • Biological Microscope XSP-1CA

    IIIumination,Condenser Disc Diaphragm,Plan-concave Mirror Optional Parts Insert IIIumination.
  • Biological Microscope XSP-2CA

    This is a reasonable design, compact structure, light biomicroscopy. For research experiments in biology, bacteriology, medicine, chemistry and other disciplines.
  • Biological Microscope XSP-3CA

    XSP-3CA Monocular Biological Microscope: 1.Rational design; 2.Compact structure; 3.Features ease of operation.
  • Biological Microscope XSP-8CA

    The microscope can be widely used in biology, bacteriology, histology, pharmaceutical chemistry, such as research in medical. Biological Microscope XSP-8CA .
  • Biological Microscope XSP-10CA

    XSP-10CA Biological Microscope applys to medical, health, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry and other departments.