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  • FA-B Electronic Balance Series 0.1mg

    This series balances also equipped with standard RS232C data interface which can connect with micro‐computer, printer and the other device.
  • JA-N Electronic Balance Series 1mg

    The JA series precise balances adopt electromagnetic balances sensor, equipped with characteristics such as high accuracy, well‐adapted, linear four point calibration, counting, unit converting and so on.
  • Touch Screen Electronic Balance SY Series

    With large color touch screen, convenient and fast patterned interface, intelligent modular design, windproof and dustproof separated structure design, excellent filtering soft function.
  • FA-C Electronic Balance Series 0.1/1mg

    The internal automatic calibration system, making it more convenient and easier to operate the balance and the performance is more stable and correct.
  • Electronic Balance YP Series

    This series with smooth appearance design,strong anti-interference.Dual mode scanning function,more convenient use.
  • Digital Weighing Scales Series

    This series with stainless steel design, the oxidation resistance is strong.The strain type sensor,high stability.